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Discuss L2 research
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Topics for discussion - what do you think?
The Speech Learning Model (SLM). How the model developed over
time. What it predicts and what it does NOT predict
Foreign accent. Primary findings over the years, including age effects,
foreign accent in children, and factors that predict foreign accent.
The role of input in L2 learning. How important is input to successful
L2 learning? What are the sources of input a learner is likely to
Relation between production & perception. The SLM hypothesizes
that, for most L2 sounds, the accuracy of perception sets an uppoer
limit on production accuracy
Selecting participants (Ss) for L2 research. The criteria you use in
selecting Ss for a study depend largely on what are your research
Effects pf age on L2 acquisition. Age" effects are difficult to quantify
because the age factor is confounded with so many other relevant